Improve Your Home.
Upgrade Your Life.

Want to Take Control of Your Project,
with Peace of Mind and Confidence?

BEYREP, a simple online Home Improvement and Reconstruction
Management Tool, gives you control to complete your home successfully
remodel, renovation, addition, ADU, or new home.

100% FREE for all Homeowners

Everyone deserves a better life through a better home.

Life is too short to wait for the house you really want.
You deserve better, but worried about …

  • Unqualified and incompatible Pros
  • Pro don't understand and support you
  • Lack of confidence with the process
  • Overwhelmed with the uncertainties
  • Overran budget and never-ending construction
  • Being taken advantage of

Most homeowners struggle with these same issues.
You’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

All in One Place.
All in Sync.

With BEYREP, you always have your finger on the pulse of your project - anytime, anywhere. Our suite of easy-to-use and intuitive tools, puts you in control to confidently complete your project.

BEYREP is like a "Matchmaker + Wedding Planner + Security Guard" for your Home Improvements.

Your home represents a significant emotional and financial investment. It is your legacy.
We're professionally trained and will help you avoid costly mistakes and achieve project success.

Achieve a Better Life Through a Better Home

Homeowners who chose BEYREP had a worry-free experience, and they also saved time and money. Let us support you in a way that improves your life in your home.

What Makes BEYREP So Different?

BEYREP provides you more than just a directory list. We provide you a robust online management tool. From matching you with qualified, compatible, and trustworthy pros to helping you manage your project more efficiently and effectively. You can review and compare estimates, electronically approve the contract and schedule, manage Change Order requests, and process phase payment at ease. Homeowners collaborate with their Pros on BEYREP even when they are on the road. Sign up and get started to take control of your project with peace of mind.

Match with the Right Pros

Get a unique, personalized match with trustworthy, qualified Pros, who are compatible, reputable, understand you, share your value, and want to collaborate with you.

Manage Your Project Confidently

Take control of your project from start to finish with our simple and easy-to-use tool. Track and manage all aspects of the project progress and communicate with your Pro anytime, anywhere.

Pay with Peace of Mind

Protect yourself and safeguard your investment with secure payment processing. Pay only when the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

Your home is your most important financial and emotional investment
We are here to support you!
BEYREP is a complete online home improvement management tool.
Let us support you in achieving your project success.

Need More Guidance to Plan for Your Home Improvement?
We Want You to Succeed. Let Us Help!

We wrote a book called Revivify Your Home: Take Control of Your Home Improvement With Peace of Mind and Level Up Your Life to help you to overcome your fears, define you path, and navigate through your home improvement journey. It is written to be concise, easy to read, and entertaining for homeowners at all levels.

You can download a FREE PDF of the worksheet to get started.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the power to achieve a better life through a better home, and help Pros to grow their businesses by collaborating more effectively with their clients.

Our Values

Our values are centered on providing HELP so everyone can achieve project success through:

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in honesty at all times, both with ourselves and with others. We believe in doing the right thing each and every time, because it’s the right thing to do.

Exceptional Experience

We respect and value our teammates, customers, and partners; we want them to save time, save money, be in control, and experience the best. We strive to give them an exceptional experience.

Legacy over Currency

We put people before money. Our goal is to create a positive outcome for every home improvement project, which can have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Problem Solving

We identify the problems and develop innovative solutions to improve effectiveness and efficiency in every stage of a project, and enable everyone to advance forward together.