BEYREP is a unique system designed to assist both homeowners and Pros with projects. We understand the pain points, and have simplified the process for both homeowners and Pros to collaborate and manage their projects effectively, from start to finish.

  • What types of home improvement projects can BEYREP help me with?BEYREP handles all types of home improvement projects from big to small, indoors and out. Whether you’re looking to design a new kitchen, landscape your pool area, or build a green home, BEYREP can help.
  • What’s the difference between finding clients online, versus matching through BEYREP?When you go after clients online, you can’t be entirely certain that these leads are qualified, that you’ll get paid for your work, or that these are the types of jobs that are the best fit for your qualifications and skill set. With BEYREP, you get qualified, fully vetted leads with homeowners who are ready to begin, and who are a great match for the skills you offer.
  • How much does BEYREP cost for Homeowner?BEYREP is completely free for homeowners. Homeowners use BEYREP to find a Pro, manage your project, and safely handle monetary transactions using our secure, third-party transaction service.
  • How much does BEYREP cost for Pros?BEYREP provides a comprehensive back-office solution for Pros. Pros are only charged 2% transaction process fee of each successfully completed project that utilizes the site. Pros use BEYREP to receive quality leads, bid on leads, showcase project portfolio, communicate with prospects and existing clients, manage multiple projects, gain insights, information, and ideas on how to grow your business. You only pay the 2% transaction process fee upon the successful contract at each phase – there are no upfront or recurring fees for you to pay.
  • Who are the Pros? Are the companies, individuals, or labor hire?The Pros are companies and individuals who have been completely vetted and background checked, who are experts in their fields. They may be architects, designers, design/build firms, or contractors who offer specific skill sets to clients.
  • Are you a labor hire company?No. BEYREP helps facilitate transactions between homeowners and Pros. We do not employ any of the Pros who use the site.
  • How many Pros usually apply for a job?The answer to this can vary greatly depending on the job and the skillset provided. You may have one or several Pros who can meet your needs, in which case we will help match you to the best fit for the job.
  • Are all the Pros licensed and insured?All Pros who sign up to use BEYREP must show proof of relevant licenses and insurance for the area in which they work.
  • How does the BEYREP payment process work?As part of the proposal process, one or more Pros will provide homeowners with a detailed overview of their project, broken down into phases, and the associated costs. Once the homeowners select their Pro and accept their proposal, the funds associated with the first phase will automatically be withdrawn from the homeowners' account and put into a secured escrow-like account. We do this for the benefit of both the homeowners and the Pro. In essence, the funds remain in the account until all work associated with the first phase is complete, providing peace of mind that nothing will be paid out until work is done to the homeowners' satisfaction; and the Pro is assured that funds are available to pay for completed work. Once the homeowners approve the work completed for the first phase, the Pro will be paid, and the payment associated with the second phase will automatically be withdrawn from the homeowners' account and put into escrow. This cycle continues until all phases are complete, and work is approved.All of this is visible in the Payments section of BEYREP. We use Stripe, a secure, third-party payment platform, to handle all monetary transactions between Homeowners and Pros.
  • Where can I find your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?You can find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here.
We're empowering homeowners and Pros to achieve a better life through a better home together.