How It Works for Pro | BEYREP

BEYREP is a unique system designed to assist both homeowners and Pros with projects. We understand the pain points, and have simplified the process for both homeowners and Pros to collaborate and manage their projects effectively, from start to finish.

GET MATCH with compatible homeowners.
BEYREP's pre-qualifies homeowners are motivated and ready to start.
  • Start by telling us about your business, specialties, preference, and priorities.
  • Our smart matching technology analyzes your needs, and uses data science to match you with homeowners based on preferences, skills, styles and other attributes are important to you. Our goal is to match you with compatible homeowners who will appreciate and work well with you.
  • Once you get matched and invited, you can message them, express your interest and schedule a meeting to learn more about their project.
GET HIRED faster by submitting estimates online.
Submitting an online estimate will help you manage and prioritize your leads on the go. Streamline project estimating and scheduling with a workflow that fits your process.
  • Express your interest, message the homeowners, schedule an initial walk-through or meet-and-greet session to help them get more familiar with your business, your approach, and your process.
  • Ask specific questions, understand the full scope in order to prepare a comprehensive estimate.
  • Prepare the estimates, provide accurate cost and timeline to help set realistic expectations between you and your homeowners for the project.
CLIENT DEPOSITS FUNDS into secure account while work is performed.
Each project is broken down into agreed upon phases. An incremental funding schedule is agreed to based on the work to be accomplished in each phase. Client will deposit funds before the start of each phase. The payment system is designed to protect both parties.
  • Homeowners will deposit the full payment for each phase through our secure, third-party, escrow-like payment processing system. Funds are held until you complete the agreed upon scope of work.
  • The work must be completed before you can submit the payout request through BEYREP platform.
  • Your payment is held securely by a trusted service until the homeowner will review and agree to release the payment for the phase, reducing risk for you and your homeowner.
TRACK progress, messages, payments, and documents, all on the same platform.
Let the system do the administration and keep everyone on the same page. BEYREP captures and provides you access to all of the project information, anytime and anywhere, via our online project collaboration and management tool.
  • Track project progress on the visual Taskboard. Review status and provide online feedback when convenient for you. We centralize online approvals and documentation throughout your project.
  • Communicate with each other in real time. Send and receive files. Everyone associated with the project can access the single source of truth for all project digital assets in a secure cloud environment, from any device, any time.
  • Make better decisions and identify potential risks and opportunities with real time information. Gain visibility into committed costs, change orders, timeline, tasks in progress, and payment requests.
GET PAID as you go - anywhere, anytime, from any device.
As you finish each phase, you request online approval and payout for the work accomplished. You can work with confidence and peace of mind that the funds will be available for you.
  • BEYREP is designed to require homeowner to deposit funds for each phase, so you can focus on your craft and complete work agreed upon.
  • When homeowner approves the payout request, the payout for the phase will direct deposit into your bank, anytime/anywhere via our secure payment system.
  • Track your payout and transaction history on BEYREP throughout the project, and even after the project is complete.
We're empowering homeowners and Pros to achieve a better life through a better home together.