In an ideal situation, you and your Pro would hit it off right from the start. Their vision for your project would line up perfectly with yours, you would never have any disagreements, and the work would proceed on schedule. Unfortunately, it does happen on occasion that you and your Pro just don’t click. It also happens sometimes that even if you do hit it off in the beginning, that things can change throughout the project due to unforeseen circumstances. And while sometimes it’s possible to work these things out, other times it’s not. Learn the signs that you may need to fire your Pro and move on to someone new to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Your Pro Isn’t Communicating Well

This is your home, and obviously, this project is important to you. You may have questions, or you just want to know that things are proceeding on schedule. If your Pro isn’t answering your questions or getting back to you in a timely way, then it may be time to move on. Your Pro should be communicating with you throughout the process, letting you know what steps have been completed, letting you inspect the work before moving on to the next step, and answering any questions that you may have. If you’re getting a lot of radio silence, then it may be a sign that he’s not as invested in this as you are.

Your Pro Isn’t Around Much

There are definitely lag times during any project. Sometimes you’re waiting for supplies or abatement, and things just can’t move forward. But if your Pro isn’t working to any sort of defined schedule, or he just comes and goes on what seems to be his own time, then you may want to start the interviewing process again. Your Pro should be letting you know when to expect him and his team, and if there are any delays so you can adjust your schedule as well.

The Work Isn’t Meeting Your Expectations

This is your home – your most important asset. If you’re undertaking this project, then you should get the quality of the results you expect. If the Pro isn’t meeting your expectations, doing what was discussed, or seems to be following his own vision instead of yours, then you may want to find someone new for the job.

You’re Missing Key Information

Things happen during renovations that aren’t always expected. Sometimes the damage is found, sometimes it’s mold or asbestos that needs to be managed, and sometimes something that was ordered ships wrong or arrives broken. These things are to be expected, but if your Pro isn’t letting you know what’s going on, then you could find out only much later that things are going to be delayed or cost more than you planned. Any changes should be accompanied by a change order for you to review and sign off on. And any unforeseen circumstances or delays – broken tile, for example, or a missing part – should be discussed with you as they happen so that you know what’s going on. If your Pro isn’t telling you, then you could be in for a shock later.

Your Pro Is Belittling to Your Ideas

It can’t be said enough: this is your home. If you want a turquoise wood floor, then that is what your Pro should install. It’s fine for your Pro to voice an opinion, or to let you know if something might not be the best idea (green marble in a steam shower, for example), but the bottom line is that you are the homeowner, and you get to make the decisions. If after voicing his opinion or discussing possible drawbacks with you, your Pro continues to belittle or disparage the ideas you have for your home, then it may be time to find someone that will at least respect you and your property a little more.

Make a Better Match

It’s hard to find a Pro that can meet you right where you are, but once you do you’ll see that your home improvements are easier to navigate than you may have thought possible.