Whenever you have improvements done on your home, part of the process will include selecting, ordering, or purchasing materials. These could be decorative elements like moldings and flooring, or they could be structural elements like lumber and plumbing. Part of the process of purchasing this material is done with your Pro, who will likely take care of any of the structural elements on their own. However, when it comes to those parts of the design that will be seen, he’s likely to defer to your taste and style. Some Pros will be completely hands-off at this point, merely asking that you tell them what the product is and where it goes. Other Pros, however, will request that you approach certain suppliers. While ultimately the choice is yours, if your Pro requests that you work with a specific supplier or manufacturer, it may be in your best interest to listen.

Why Supplier Choices Matter

You may be thinking to yourself, “It’s a faucet”, or “It’s just some wood flooring”, “What difference does it make where I purchase it from?” There are times when this is true, and there is little to no difference in what it is you are using beyond your personal preference.

There are other times, however, when the supplier or manufacturer can matter a great deal, and it would be wise to pay attention to your Pro’s wishes.

Supplier Costs

Your Pro may have a deal with the supplier where he can get those materials at a lower price, and your Pro may pass those savings on to you. If your Pro insists you go to a specific location, ask why, and if the answer is lower cost, be sure to inquire if those savings will be extended to you.

Material Familiarity

While you may think that all faucets are the same or that all wood flooring functions just the same, this is very far from the case. Some materials require specialized knowledge to install properly, and some Pros may want to avoid specific brands or materials if they know that it’s going to take extra time and work to install them. Your Pro will want to work with materials that he is most familiar with, and part of that is the knowledge of what will work best in your home. If your Pro requests that you go to a specific supplier for certain brands, he or she could be directing you toward materials that will ultimately be a better fit. With the internet comes the ability for homeowners to order materials from anywhere. This could be to your detriment if you order a fixture or material that is not up to code in your area, or that has instructions or installation specifications that your Pro can’t meet.

Material Durability

Part of being familiar with material means knowing how it performs. If your Pro asks you to work with a certain material or brand, it’s because he more than likely knows that he won’t be back to fix it shortly after installing it. If you choose something unknown, you could be opening yourself up to issues down the road.


Lead times are an integral part of a lot of projects, but if you’re working on a time constraint, your Pro may recommend that you visit a supplier who can get you your materials faster. Listening to your Pro, in this case, could save you a lot of time and stress waiting for materials to arrive.

Listen to Your Pro

When you hire your Pro, you’re putting your trust in them that they’ll do the best job for your home. Part of this means trusting their experience and expertise with materials, brands, and suppliers. If your Pro makes a recommendation about a specific material or supplier, it’s in your best interest to listen.

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