Home Renovation Uncertainty

Do you have a home renovation, update, remodel, or addition project that you’ve been planning for months? Big home projects are exciting and stressful at any time, but with our whole world in limbo from COVID-19, the stress of your project might have totally eclipsed the excitement of finally making the changes you’ve wanted.

Regardless of which stage your project is at, BEYREP is here to help. We want to give you peace of mind, easy project management capabilities, and strong communication with your professionals. With BEYREP’s simple solutions, all of this can be accomplished long-distance through our app on your smartphone.


You and all of the Pros working on your project stay connected through BEYREP’s smooth planning layout. Our task board shows overall progress as well as a detailed option break-down. All the steps, design choices, and order changes are listed out in as much detail as possible by you and your Pros ahead of time. Photos of materials, design preferences, ideas, and final choices can be added. Relevant documents can be uploaded and attached like blueprints or design layouts.

The goal is for the whole plan to stay transparent from start to finish. All communication is achieved through BEYREP’s platform so any necessary changes, updates, or surprises are quickly shared. No “playing telephone”, or passing information to 3rd and 4th parties is needed with BEYREP. With the personalized plan you and your Pro collaborated on together, everyone knows what needs to be accomplished, in what order, and who’s working on what. The photo and video upload capabilities can also be utilized by your Pros to visually share every stage with you long distance.


All of this purposeful visibility keeps everyone accountable. You know ahead of time what to expect, and can be notified immediately if changes need to occur. You can easily look ahead, and see what other changes might need to be made to accommodate this change. Even if you’re new to renovation, our system puts you in charge as a knowledgeable project manager of your own project.

Our unique payment system offers financial accountability to both parties. Pros can give you estimates as part of the project planning, payment goes into escrow on BEYREP, and payment is released as each stage of your project is completed. This provides peace of mind about payment and facilitates trusting relationships on both sides.

Communication Alignment

Effective communication will help to align expectations. All communication happens through BEYREP’s all-in-one platform. With as many moving pieces as are likely to exist in any home project, miscommunication occurs easily and can have disastrous and lengthy consequences including time and money lost. BEYREP’s function is to keep everything on record, organized, and easily accessible by all parties involved.

Our system also prompts correct action to keep track of changes, decisions, and agreements, if a decision needs an order change, BEYREP can track all of the Change Orders. From Estimates, Contracts, to Change Orders, everything is tracked here. This single source of truth for the project eliminates untold amounts of confusion, irritation, and time wasted.

With BEYREP, you are in control of your project. Your project can continue or begin on schedule. From the safety of your home, you can confidently monitor the progress of your project, and regain your excitement in finally realizing your vision!