Creativity Feeds the Soul

Most of us are stuck in our homes right now, restlessly looking for ways to keep busy and stay hopeful. A lot of people are turning to creativity and the internet is full right now of creative outlets people are sharing to get them through COVID-19 social distancing. Turns out, they’re absolutely on the right track. Creativity is a great coping mechanism for stressful times.

Creativity encourages mental flow, extricating our thoughts from anxiety and worry loops. It gives our brains manageable problems to solve. In turn, it can open more desirable emotions to us since our minds are focused on the future of our own creation instead of being stuck in the aspects of our future we can’t control. Creativity is by definition a hopeful activity. Physically, while creativity can have similar physical feelings of stress, our body interprets it as positive growth stress, releasing rewarding endorphins instead of locking up into flight or fright.

Being in your house more hours than usual, you’re probably noticing more things you’d like to change about it, which can be its own source of anxiety and frustration without an outlet. Why not express yourself creatively through your home’s design? If you need a quick creative pick-me-up, you can choose a simple DIY task like organizing that closet you’ve been meaning to clean out, or rearranging furniture for a no-cost renovation effect.

Creativity at Home, for Your Home

For a longer-term creative project, that can easily be done during the confines of social distancing, you can create vision boards for specific rooms or even a master vision board for the whole house. A vision or mood board is a catch-all, one-stop-shop, for your inspiration and ideas for a given area. It can start as simple as a favorite color and a descriptive word like “comfy” or “modern”. You may include furniture you already own or dream pieces you want to add. By putting all your inspiration into the same place, you’ll more easily be able to organize and pare down what really jives together for a look you really love. If you’re doing more of a renovation and less of a design update then your vision board might include details like flooring, wall texture, light fixtures, doors, and window styles.

You can create a vision board virtually, with software as simple as Powerpoint or download one of many possible design apps like Morphio Board. In spite of being stuck at home, now is actually a great time to look to your home’s future. Social distancing won’t be in effect forever and when the world returns to its busy self, you can have your renovation or update plans ready to go.

BEYREP Helps You With the Details

When you’re done with your vision board, or even while you’re working on it, you can create a free account on BEYREP and upload the completed board as an image. As you get more serious with the details, you can start reaching out to contractors, designers, or architects as needed and get estimates. You might be surprised by how much planning can be done long distance.

BEYREP’s platform is created to facilitate detailed plans, because the more detail a plan has, the smoother the end result is likely to go. Once you have your general design board, you can do research about the specifics. How much do the items you chose cost? Do you want to splurge there, or would you rather go with a similar but cheaper option? Do you really love the look of hardwood flooring, but know it isn’t ideal with the heavy water traffic from your pool coming into your house in the summer? There are lots of wood-look flooring choices that would hold up better, go ahead and narrow it down to the exact one you’re going to purchase.

You can also discuss order timelines on items you want with Pros. The whole shipping world is a little backed up and even in normal times, there can be lag time on orders of building supplies. A good Pro should be able to talk you through the best options, or whether there might be a similar product that’s made to order closer to home.

Make Your Dream a Plan

Given the uncertainty and limitations of the current times, you will need to be able to be patient, reasonable, and understanding In order to achieve your goals. But, there’s no reason you can’t plan out an entire remodeling project to be ready to go as soon as restrictions are lifted. The more planning is done ahead of time, the quicker and smoother the project will be completed once it’s started.

Give you and your family something to invest your creativity in and look forward to. You know the aspects of your home that you’ve always wanted to be a little different, get inspired!