Home improvements are a major deal. They affect everyone and everything in the home, even when it seems that you’re only working on one small area. And for homeowners with kids and families, the effects are even more widespread. That may be why some homeowners designing things like bathrooms, playrooms, family rooms, and bedrooms often involve their kids in the process. While this can be a great idea, particularly for older kids or in homes where you know you won’t be moving for some time, it also helps to keep a few things in mind as you go.

Design for Now, Design for Later

It’s important to remember when designing with kids in mind that nothing stays static. This is especially true when selecting materials and when choosing the function of the space. A lot of homeowners designing with small children in mind will often select things like smaller, toddler-sized toilets or shorter sinks, forgetting that as their kids grow, they will have to replace these items. Instead, consider functional designs that can grow with your kids.

Take sinks for example. Vanity cabinets are available that have a pull-out step stool at the bottom, beneath the cabinet itself, that can help your kids reach the sink. Once your kids are old enough not to need this, the stool converts to a drawer that offers additional storage for the things growing kids need. This kind of design allows for growth, doesn’t hurt the resale value of your home, and means that you only have to remodel once, rather than again and again as your children age.

Fun Is Fine

When it comes to the design of the space, not just the function, it’s important to remember that you can have a little fun with the space without hurting anything. The key is to avoid things that define your kids right now. Don’t create an over-the-top princess-themed bathroom, but do include things like bright glass tiles or colorful penny tiles to create a youthful space that your kids won’t outgrow.

The same goes for creating spaces for your kids within the home. Want to convert that area beneath your stairs into a playhouse? Consider built-in shelves and the supports for a desk so that it can become a study room later. Opt for a cosmetic style that can be altered later, such as paint, and don’t go crazy with adding carvings and moldings to make it look like the inside of a tree. You want to create a space that is fun now, and useful later, so no matter if your kids grow or you decide to sell, the space won’t end up holding you back.

Get Your Kids Involved

You’re the adult, and the one making the final decisions for your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your kids involved in the process. When it comes to cosmetic choices, like paint color, or whether to use notches or shelves in their bedrooms, get their opinions. You may find that your home improvements are a lot more fun when they become a family affair rather than a job that you need to tackle alone.

Invest in a Designer

One of the best decisions you can make when entering home improvements when there are kids involved is to use a designer. A designer knows how to help you find those items, styles, and designs that can create a home that works for everyone involved.

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