There are a lot of benefits to being able to see possibilities for your next home improvement on sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Unfortunately, there are also some downsides that unsuspecting homeowners who try to recreate these looks often don’t find out about until too late. Not every home improvement will fit your particular lifestyle, which may lead to disastrous results down the road. Working with a qualified design Pro who can educate you on the design you’re selecting can help you avoid these pitfalls.

A Common Problem

Working as a materials specialist, I used to see it all the time. A client would call up our showroom after they’d had a particular shower or countertop installed. Something was wrong, they would say. Maybe the new green marble steam shower they installed was peeling and flaking. Or perhaps the white marble countertop they’d had put in the kitchen was stained purple and yellow from wine and pizza grease after a party.

These issues could have been avoided if the homeowners who selected them had spoken to someone about their intentions and lifestyle before they had them installed. For example, no stone should ever be installed in a steam shower due to the possibility of staining, but a green marble can not only stain but also spall – or peel and flake – in wet areas. A homeowner who intended to take several long showers would have a serious problem before too long.

In the case of the white marble, this porous, calcite-based stone looks beautiful in photos but doesn’t hold up well to a busy family with kids who entertains frequently. A good Pro would have asked questions of the homeowner before installing, explaining the maintenance of these materials and why they wouldn’t work in the intended setting.

Being Your Own Designer

The number one reason why these issues keep happening is that homeowners are finding images of designs they want, bypassing the design Pro, and going straight to a contractor or even material supplier and doing the ordering and selecting themselves. The homeowner then asks the contractor to simply install the material and recreate the look in the picture. The contractor does what he’s asked, but he may not have the authority or the knowledge necessary to warn you about your selections, especially if you’ve already purchased them.

Hiring a Pro, even when you think you know exactly what you want, solves several problems for you. First, the Pro can inform you of any potential lifestyle conflicts that may exist between you and the design or the materials. The Pro can also help make suggestions based on your lifestyle that may never have occurred to you before.

Finally, the Pro can help you uncover things about a design that you may not like as much if it were in your home versus in a photo. They can, therefore, work with you and with your space to customize the design so you’ll ultimately be happier with it.

Get Matched to Get Off to the Right Start

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly which Pro you need to help you accomplish your design goals. That’s why BEYREP helps to match you with the perfect Pro, one who can match you on your project type, style, and even personality. This way, you can get your project off to the right start every time. Sign up today to get started and ensure that all your home improvement dreams come true.