During the pandemic, we’ve been using our home more than we have in ages. No longer just the place we sleep and get our laundry done, we’re suddenly finding that our home must adapt to a multitude of needs. For some of us, we’re probably putting pieces of our home to use that just needed some dusting off, (anyone used their kitchen more lately?) But for other needs, we’re running into frustration. Two big pieces of our lives that we used to rely on shared spaces for we’re now requiring of our home: our office and our gym.

But there’s no reason to stay frustrated. There are many options to create a good office or gym space in your home. Home office and home gym remodels are booming right now for a reason.

Find Your Spot

First, you’re going to need to look at your space with a new eye. Where does your dream office or gym fit in your home? Is there an unused or unfinished space, like an attic, a basement, or a garage that you can take in? Or do you just have a corner you’ll need to fit into, in a large dining room, or even as part of your bedroom? Maybe you already have a designated home office, but now you’re needing to recreate it into a seamless office/gym combo.

Maybe your house is out of room altogether, and that’s why you’re so frustrated with your scenario. Building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) would solve your space needs. Then fit it out as an office, gym, or combo.

Determine Your Design Needs

Once you’ve identified your spot assess its needs. Is it becoming an office, a gym, or both? If you’re interested in an ADU, you’ll need to check your property for any easements. Check your city and HOA regulations too. Once you’re certain about your land boundaries and the local codes, you’ll want to hire a contractor or architect to prepare the design. You can also search the internet for pre-made plans to buy.

If you’re needing to finish out a basement, garage, or attic, you’ll need a reputable contractor. You’ll want to discuss the overall basics like installing insulation and flooring, but you’re also going to discuss the details about how you’ll be using the space.

A gym may need specialized flooring like rubber squares, to accommodate weights being dropped on it and to maintain cleanliness and safety. Consider what the ventilation and air-flow will be in your gym as well. It’s not going to be a great motivational room if it always smells like a teenage boys gym bag.

If you’re focusing on office space, you may want to be more intentional about natural lighting or window additions.  You could install beautiful built-in storage like bookshelves or cabinets. Make sure you have enough electrical outlets for all your needs, considering whether you plan to fit it with multiple exercise machines or computers.

If you know that you listen to music or watch TV while you work out, or have an abundance of specialized computer equipment in your office, consider installing your sound system or wiring in the initial build process and not as an afterthought.

Mindful of Resale Value

This is also the time to consider what plumbing you’ll need. Do you want to incorporate a shower, a sink, or a half-bath? As you discuss plumbing, keep in mind the resale value of your home. While you need a dedicated gym or office today, home buyers are looking for flexibility from their rooms. Even if you don’t feel you need plumbing, it’s better to add it now to keep the room flexible. That way future owners can see the room as a potential guest room with a bathroom or small kitchen included, or as their entertainment area with plumbing for a wet bar.

Consider resale value as you install lighting and flooring too. Gyms often are brightly lit by fluorescent strip bulbs, but those are much less inviting for a guest room. It may be better to install extra recessed lighting in addition to the typical central fixture. This way, your gym can be well lit in all corners and, with some easy bulb and main fixture swaps, the lighting can be toned down for a different use of the room.

When you’re planning your built-in office storage, keep in mind the flexibility of the room around it. Is there still a good spot that makes sense for a bed? Or can your shelving work as an entertainment center? Most importantly, discuss all these needs and goals with your contractor from the beginning.

Retrofitting a Room

Perhaps you’re retrofitting an already fully functional room in your home. You have an extra bedroom that you’re wanting to convert to a gym and office flex room. In that case, you may want to hire an Interior Designer to help you navigate fitting both in a way that really works for your space. Don’t settle for functionality when a small investment can give you a functional space that you LOVE being in.

Find Your Pro

You’re ready. You’ve been wanting this space for a while, and now you have an idea of how it can work. Sign Up on BEYREP and let us connect you with the right Pro for your Home Office and Home Gym Remodel. It won’t be long before you have the perfect space for your needs.