The time of year has finally come to make your goals for 2021! It’s been a long year of extraordinary circumstances, but now is the time to start out on the right foot. If you are like most of us, every year starts with inspiration and determination only to end up with forgotten goals by April. Have you ever considered renovating your home to reflect the new way of life you’re envisioning? This year it’s time to make your home work for you and your goals!

New Year's resolutions reflect our desire for a different way of life, and ultimately an evolution of self. What would your evolved self need as a part of their living space? Whether it’s a home gym or relaxation garden, create space within your home that encourages you to work towards your New Year’s resolutions each day as part of your everyday routine.

Workout the Workout Space

Creating a home gym creates a space and reminder for you to get started and keep going in pursuit of your fitness goals. As you envision yourself becoming stronger and healthier through working out, think about what it would take for you to reach those goals. The more achievable you can make your goal, the easier it will be to follow through on it. Having a gym at home adds a layer of convenience to your goal of working out.

Home gyms are customizable and can be made to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a calming yoga/meditation room or weight lifting haven, you have the benefit of making it the ultimate comfort space for you. Define your exact fitness goals and create a gym that reflects those goals.

Conversions of spaces into home gyms has become relatively easy as home gyms have been popularized. A spare room or space in your garage can be renovated into a gym easily by adding mirrors, bars, gripped and padded flooring, or just a few yoga mats and dumbbells. The renovation you choose can make a huge difference in how you work towards your New Year’s resolution of getting fit. Unlike big community gyms, your gym is a truly judgment-free zone that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Healthy Eating Starts in the Kitchen

The space you live in undeniably affects your health. Create a space that positively affects your health and inspires you to make better choices for yourself. Eating at home is a great way to make more conscious decisions in your diet and having a kitchen you want to spend time in can help you stay on track to achieve that goal.

Think about the organization, space, and usability of your kitchen. How can you make it a place you want to spend time cooking in? Changing your countertop to a material that’s easy to clean or adding features like a pasta arm faucet that makes meal prep quick and easy may sound like a small change, but small changes add up. The easier your kitchen is to cook in and clean, the more you’ll enjoy it.

You can take it a step farther by adding a breakfast bar to your kitchen so the whole family can get involved. Bring your kitchen alive by creating a fresh herb garden by a sunny window. Having fresh herbs can inspire fresh cooking and serve as a joyful reminder of your commitment to yourself to eat greener and grow stronger. Think about what it would take for your goals to become foolproof and change your kitchen around those standards.

Outdoor Living

Your backyard is the easiest solution to spending more time outside, but it’s hard to spend time out there if you don’t like the space. Making your backyard a place you love will help you enjoy spending time outside and make your New Year’s resolution easier to achieve.

Think about what would make you want to spend time in your backyard. Perhaps a fireplace for cozy nights together, or an outdoor kitchen for cooking while enjoying a nice breeze. A patio with a sitting area for adults and a play area for the kids can help the whole family spend more time outside. Whatever the project, creating a space you love will draw you into spending more time outside, enjoying the fresh air!

Time (and Space) to Relax

Where you live affects every aspect of your life including your mental health. Having a house where you feel at home and relaxed can lower stress levels and add a sense of security into your life. Envision your own personal happy place where you feel most at ease. Where are you? Perhaps, you are in a large soaking tub, or in the middle of a tranquil garden. Whatever your happy place, think about what you can do to create that space in your home.

For the bathroom, you can add a larger tub, paint the walls a calming color, or add counter space to hold spa care ingredients. There are interior designers that specialize in creating calm spaces that can help you to create a place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal.

For a tranquil garden area, consider planting flowers and herbs with calming effects such as lavender or sage. Add in seating and wind chimes for a comfortable place to sit and meditate.  You can even create a zen garden with rocks and sand you can tend to when you need to ease your mind.

Organized House, Organized Life

The new year is as good a time as any to commit to getting organized. But getting organized is hard to do without the proper space or preparation. Renovations in your home often start for cosmetic reasons, however, organization can be easier to achieve when we shape our home to our needs.

Think about how you can renovate the space you’re in to achieve a more organized life. Getting an expert opinion might be just what you need to finally get a game plan that works for your lifestyle. Often we know we need a professional when it comes to renovations like new flooring or cabinets, but organization can have just as many moving parts. Design professionals specializing in organization will help you change how your space functions.

When thinking about renovations for organizing, think about where your trouble spots are. Whether it is the closet, home office, or garage, there are plenty of options that can make a huge difference. Creating shelving between wall studs, replacing cabinets with sizes made for your needs, and customizing your space to meet your lifestyle can make all the difference.

How to Get Started

When hiring a pro for your new year’s resolution renovation, share your goals and why it’s important to you that your home reflects your resolutions. Knowing the ultimate goal behind a project helps home professionals plan out your project with more detail and focus. When you share your goals, your pro will often have insights from past projects that can help better shape your home to match your goals.

It’s time to make your home a reflection of who you want to be in 2021 and get started on your goals. While some projects are fun for a DIY weekend, others may need a professional’s touch to come to life. With BEYREP, you can get matched to a fully-vetted professional that fits your exact needs and priorities. For more home renovation tips, check out our other blogs!