Over time, the purpose of the bathroom has grown and changed as more people begin using it for a variety of different things from getting ready in the morning to unwinding at the end of the day. That may be why more people are also remodeling their bathrooms than ever before. Not all bathroom remodels are created equally, however. There are three different types of remodeling; finding out which one you’re ready for can help you set the right budget, find the right Pro for the job, and visualize what your new bathroom will end up looking like.

During a Partial Bathroom Remodel

In a partial bathroom remodel, the room is usually torn out down to the studs, but the layout of the room doesn’t change. This means that the existing flooring, walls, fixtures, and faucets will be removed, and new ones will take their place without changing their position in the room. A partial remodel can change the way that a bathroom looks and functions by updating various elements, but doesn’t get as invasive as a complete remodel will.

Partial remodels do allow you to update the various sections of the bathroom, such as adding body sprays or a second shower head to the shower, or replacing a small vanity with a pedestal sink, but you won’t be moving any of the plumbing or fixtures around.

To complete a partial remodel, you’ll want to team up with a bathroom designer, design firm, or a general contractor who specializes in bathrooms. Even if you don’t plan on moving things, it’s a good idea to team up with someone who specializes because often older bathrooms have problems from moisture hiding beneath existing surfaces that must be addressed. Also, there are often specific plumbing codes that must be met within the space, such as using a pressure-balancing valve below the surface of a deck-mounted bathtub faucet.

During a partial remodel, you’ll select new flooring, fixtures, faucets, accessories, and possibly wall and shower surfaces like tile. The whole space will be redone, so you’ll want to replace everything that currently exists, usually in the same size and shape as what was previously there.

A partial bathroom remodel usually takes about one to two weeks to complete, and you will be without a bathroom for at least a few days of this time. Be sure to plan on using another bathroom in the house, or make plans to use the facilities at your office or gym for the duration. While some partial remodels can be done in less than a week, you will still be without a working bathroom for at least a day or two, and it’s best to plan accordingly.

Partial bathroom remodels are good choices for older bathrooms and bathrooms where the layout is good, but the room needs a new look and style. Because the tear-out is complete, this is a good time to address issues like old plumbing, mold, and older fixtures and faucets that use more water than newer models.

If you’re interested in moving forward with a partial bathroom remodel, sign up to get matched with the right team to handle your job and make your new bathroom dreams come true.