The kitchen is one of the most frequently updated and renovated rooms in the home, maybe because it’s one of the most frequently used rooms in the home as well. That doesn’t mean that every kitchen remodel is going to look the same. There are three basic levels of kitchen remodeling; finding out what level you’re ready to take on can help you set the right budget, find the right Pro for the job, and visualize what your new kitchen will end up looking like.

During a Partial Kitchen Remodel

When you’re planning for or considering a partial kitchen remodel, the basic layout of your kitchen will remain the same. This means that the tear-out may be shorter, and no walls will be moved during the project.

A partial kitchen remodel will generally include new cabinets in the same size and configuration as your current cabinets. With them, you may also get a new countertop, sink, faucet, and possibly appliances. Because the cabinets are usually removed, a partial kitchen remodel is also a great time to replace flooring and the backsplash.

To complete a partial kitchen remodel, you may want to work with a kitchen designer or a design firm that handles kitchens, but you could also opt to work with a general contractor that has experience working on kitchens. Because the layout won’t change, you’ll simply be selecting new items and materials to replace what’s already existing. A partial kitchen remodel can completely change the style of a kitchen, even though the layout and general components remain the same. That said, you can work with your designer to change certain things, such as adding a wine fridge or replacing a blind corner cabinet with one that has pull-out options.

A partial kitchen remodel can last roughly 4 to 6 weeks from tear-out to completion. You may be without a working kitchen for two to three weeks during this time depending on the type of cabinets you’ve selected, whether the floors are being replaced, and what type of counter you’ve chosen. Even though some well-planned kitchens can take only a couple of weeks to complete, you should plan on being without one for longer in case problems or changes occur. Be sure to make alternate plans for cooking, eating, and washing up during this time frame. A microwave in your living room or a budget for extra takeout meals can be beneficial during this time.

A partial kitchen remodel is a nice way to update a kitchen that works well, but that’s out of date in style. If you do not need to enlarge the space or change the way things are laid out, a partial kitchen renovation can be the way to go. Because partial remodels use your existing layout, you can potentially save money by using stock cabinetry, rather than custom cabinets, which can also cut down on the amount of time the remodel will take.

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