Entering a new relationship can be scary. And starting a new home improvement project can be equally frightening. So what happens when you need to start a new home improvement project with a Pro you’ve just met? For some people, it’s an emotional overload that has them feeling nervous, excited, and apprehensive all at once.

That’s why BEYREP is here; to make the entire process of both finding a Pro and completing your home improvements easier.

When you strike out on your own to find a Pro for your project, you need to call dozens, screen several, and ultimately meet with at least three while asking for reams of information from them. All of this just to ensure that you might be getting the right person for the job. And you just wanted to update your kitchen!

With BEYREP, we take the screening process out of your hands, as well as all of that paperwork. All you do is answer some simple questions about the nature of your project, where you’re located, and what you want to have done. That’s it.

BEYREP takes over and introduces you to Pros who are potential matches for your project. You can communicate with them through the system to streamline the process and keep a record of your interactions. Once you select your Pro and the two you of agree on a project and payment schedule, we’ll help you break up your project into easy to define Milestones.

At each Milestone, you’ll upload the agreed upon fee into an Escrow account. This protects you and the Pro; you only release the funds once the Milestone has been done to your satisfaction, but if a conflict arises, BEYREP is here to help with mediation services.

As your Pro completes each Milestone, the funds will be released from the Escrow account. If changes need to be made to the original plan, these change orders will be created in the system and uploaded for your approval by the Pro. Once you approve them, they’ll be able to get started. No more missed communication, no more wondering what’s going on with your project.

Once the project is complete, you’ll be encouraged to complete a Punch List with the Pro to make the final walk through and take care of all those little finishing details. As soon as you’re satisfied, you’ll release the final funds from Escrow, and we’ll close out your project.

Home improvements can be stressful, but with BEYREP, they can also be enjoyable. And while you’re waiting for that Match, be sure to check out our Tips section with articles that can help ensure that your project goes off without a hitch.

Sign up today to start inputting your project information and get your home improvement project off on the right foot. Home improvements without headaches – that’s the BEYREP way.