You’ve dreamed about your home improvements for months. You’ve spent countless hours combing through images, visiting showrooms, and getting the names of Pros to do the work for you. But how will you protect yourself and your assets if the Pro you hire to do the work takes advantage of you, doesn’t complete the job, or runs off with your money? Home improvements are continuously ranked in the top 3 of all consumer complaints, mostly due to issues surrounding the Pros who do the job. So does this mean you should put your home improvement dreams on hold? No, it means you need to protect yourself with BEYREP.

Screened, Vetted Pros

You know you should take the time to screen and vet every Pro, but sometimes life gets in the way. Or maybe you just don’t know how to go about doing so. At Beyrep, we do the screening for you, checking up on things like licenses so you can feel good about the Pro you work with.

Our unique matching system will also help pair you up with a Pro who not only matches your project, but your personality as well. This will help ensure that you and your Pro will be able to communicate better with one another, ironing out issues before they get out of hand.

Better Communication

A He Said/She Said scenario is always something to be avoided, particularly in a big job where miscommunication can lead to a lot of problems. That’s why BEYREP includes a messaging system as part of our project management tools. Now you can keep track of all your communications with your Pro and all members of the project team in one place. You’ll also have a chance to look over and sign off on any changes to the project so you know exactly what’s happening and when.

Protection with Escrow Service

Many Pros expect at least a partial payment upfront to begin the job, but how do you know they’ll actually do the work? With BEYREP's escrow protection, you upload payments broken down by milestones to an escrow account, and you don’t release them until the work is done. Now you don’t need to worry about an unscrupulous Pro taking your money and leaving the job undone. In case of issues, mediation services are also available so you only end up paying for work that was carried out and nothing more.

Protect Yourself with BEYREP

Committing to a home improvement project is a big step for many homeowners. Help ensure that yours goes off without a hitch by signing up with BEYREP. We’ll help protect you from unscrupulous contractors and ensure that the work you expect is the work you receive. Sign up with BEYREP today to get started on your home improvement journey in a way that’s smarter, safer, and more enjoyable than you may have thought possible. Sign up today and protect yourself and your assets with BEYREP.