We live in an extremely visual world. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram, as well as Houzz, ensure that there is no shortage of ideas for what you may want to do during your home improvements. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to simply print out a picture of something that she likes, and show it to her Pro saying, “I want it to look just like this.” Unfortunately, this can backfire in many ways, leading to unhappy endings for the once hopeful homeowner. While images and photos are a great way to get inspired, you may want to offer more information to your Pro to make sure the job gets done right.

A Materials Story

Once many years ago, I had a client who had no idea what she wanted in her kitchen. I asked her to bring me three pictures from design magazines that showed the kitchens she loved. A week later, we met again and she sheepishly presented me with three different images that to her eye looked very different. She apologized, saying that she thought she knew what she wanted, but she liked all three kitchens and had no idea which one to choose.

After a few minutes of studying the pictures, I discovered that they had several things in common. All three used metal tiles mixed with subway tiles on the backsplash. All three had stone floors, and two of those were slate. And while the cabinets were three different colors – two painted and one stained - all had shaker doors.

Together, we managed to create a kitchen that she loved because we took those elements and used them as a jumping-off point. It turned out that while she loved the looks of two of those kitchens, she didn’t actually like painted wood cabinets. If she had brought me just one picture and asked me to recreate it, I might have designed her a kitchen with a component she didn’t like. So while she may have had a kitchen that looked just like the picture, she wouldn’t have been happy in the end.

Let Your Designer Design

Designers are crucial to any project going off well. They can see those common features in a group of pictures and pinpoint exactly what it is you want to do with your home. They can also ask you pertinent questions about your lifestyle and how you interact with your home, giving you suggestions that can help ensure that you’re happy with the design not just now, but 10 years from now as well.

By simply showing your Pro a single photograph and saying that this is what you want, you do yourself a disservice. You may be missing out on colors, textures, and materials that you would rather have instead. You may also be selecting materials or designs that aren’t practical for your lifestyle, so your home may be beautiful, but unlivable, when it’s done.

By showing your Pro photos of things you like and asking for their input, you help ensure that you’ll love the final results more than any photo on the web.

Get Matched to get off to a Great Start

A good design starts with a good designer. BEYREP helps match you up with the right design Pro to meet your vision and needs. Once you make that match, you’ll be able to start the design process with confidence. Sign up today to help make your home improvement dreams come true.