Up until now, we’ve talked a lot about the different things people fear and how to get past them. Now, let’s talk about how you can transform those fears into your dream home.

One of the easiest ways that you can begin that process is by taking your dreams and beginning to turn them into actual, realizable goals. Dreams, after all, are not concrete. They’re amorphous, which is part of the reason we indulge in them so frequently; we can constantly shift them to fit our current mood or outlook.

People want to embark on home improvement projects for many reasons, but the fact remains that unless you truly set a goal for yourself to achieve, you’ll never know how to get there. This is true whether you’re attempting to update your home to sell it, or you’re trying to create a space to live in for the rest of your life.

Get Practical

Sure, in your daydreams it’s nice to consider the ultimate, ideal home filled with light and all kinds of luxuries. But the reality is that for most people, this isn’t what your home is ultimately going to look like.

So, when the time comes to begin your home renovations, it’s time to start being practical. Plan for what needs to be done and the best solution for that problem.

For example, if your kitchen is too small, then a generic kitchen renovation isn’t going to help. You need to set a goal of a more workable kitchen with more storage, more counter space, and potentially more room taken from another area of the home. You need to see the problems so that you can see the solutions. For example, if your biggest issue is that you don’t have enough space to bake, then including an island in the design makes the most sense, even if an island doesn’t make sense with the current layout or the expense doesn’t line up with your visions of marble counters and custom pantries.

Find What You Love

Part of being practical includes making sure that you make things that really make you happy a part of the renovation. No matter how efficient your new home is, or how many of the latest, trendiest designs and innovations you include, unless you include some things that you really love, you’re not going to be happy with the end results.

So, for every room that you remodel, ask yourself what the one thing that you most want to see in that space is and then go for it. If that’s a towel warmer in the bathroom, a picture window in the living room, or a coffered ceiling in the family room, then that is the thing you need to make sure gets put into place. This one ideal is going to become the driving force that keeps you going through the whole renovation.

Once you identify the one aspect you most want to see, it becomes easier to look at the rest of the space and see what you need to do to get there. For example, if a towel warmer is the goal for the bathroom, then you need to make sure you have the space set up for it, which may mean changing the layout. And while you change the layout, you can think about how best to use the rest of the space. And if to achieve your goal you need to make concessions in other areas – less expensive tiles, for example – then you can do that without sacrificing the thing that will make you happiest when the project is done.

Do This for You

Unless you are flipping the home, remember that you are remodeling for you. You’re creating your dream home. And it’s time to start turning your fears into the drive that will help you get there. Setting your goals will help you make this much easier to achieve.