A lot of people starting out a new home improvement journey begin looking at ways that they can make their home more energy-efficient at the same time. Green building is one of the biggest trends in today’s housing market, and there’s a lot of focus on insulation and low energy consumption. Many of these same people, however, may not be as aware of the ways that they can be affecting their water consumption as well. Water-saving appliances for the bathroom and kitchen that can save thousands of gallons of water a year are now a reality.

Why You Should Be Thinking of Water Consumption

Large parts of the country are currently affected by drought conditions and other areas have poor water conditions, which means that water in general tends to be on people’s minds a lot now. What people may not realize, though, is that it’s easy to save water in your home without changing your habits or your lifestyle – something that many people may have a hard time doing willingly.

By using water-saving appliances, such as low-flow shower heads and water-saving toilets, you save hundreds of gallons of water every day. Think about it: an older shower head uses approximately 7 gallons of water every minute that you shower. Assuming a 10 minute shower, you’ve just used 70 gallons of water. Translate that into an average family of four, and you’ve just used 280 gallons of water for showering alone. A newer shower head uses around 2 gallons of water a minute, so that same family of four will use only 80 gallons of water showering – a 200 gallon of water savings a day.

Now do the same for your faucet, toilets, washing machine, and dishwasher. Suddenly you’re saving close to 1000 gallons of water every single day. For those that pay for their water, or who pay for the electricity required to run a well pump, this can translate into significant savings every year.

What’s more, for those who live in drought-affected areas, simply making the switch to water-saving appliances can have a significant impact on how well your area performs in the long term.

No Longer an Inconvenience

It’s true that when water restricting appliances were first introduced about 15 years ago, the performance wasn’t great. You ended up needing to flush toilets twice to get them to work, and many people simply took the flow restrictions out of their faucets and shower heads because they couldn’t get clean with them in.

Times have changed, however, and it is no longer an inconvenience to save water. In fact, newer appliances not only save water, they actually give you a better experience at the same time. Take Toto’s new Soiree toilet. It uses only a gallon of water per flush, but it’s cycling action cleans the toilet bowl while the water goes down. Or consider the Moen Revolution shower head, which spins over-sized droplets of water, making it appear as though you have far more volume of water than you actually do, giving you a better shower with a fraction of the water usage.

Talk to Your Pro

If you’re undergoing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, speak to your Pro about what types of water-saving appliances you can install in your home. Many offer rebates and discounts as well, particularly in hard-hit towns where water consumption is a critical factor, which can mean that you’ll actually save money during your renovation if you switch.

When you’re ready to get started, be sure to sign up with BEYREP where you can be matched with a Pro who specializes in green building design, so you can learn more about how to save water and energy in your home.