For the most part, when a home improvement project ends, the Pro has moved on and it’s time for the homeowner to relax and enjoy their new home. And in the vast majority of cases, this is exactly what happens. Occasionally, though, something happens after the project is over that means a follow-up phone call or visit from the Pro is necessary. Maybe a new faucet had a handle break off and the water won’t stop pouring out. Maybe your new roof is leaking. These kinds of things happening after you’ve paid significant amounts of time and money to have work done can really be very upsetting. And while your Pro should fix this in a timely way, and it isn’t right that you're being inconvenienced, how you approach and deal with your Pro at this time can set the stage for how things are handled from here on out.

Stay Calm

Yes, a problem cropping up after a major project can feel like the end of the world. It isn’t though, and yelling at your Pro or making threats is not going to fix the problem; it’s only going to stress you out further.

The best thing you can do in this situation is remain calm. Staying calm enables you to help temporarily fix the problem, such as shutting off the water from a valve or putting a tarp on the roof while you wait to get a hold of your Pro. Staying calm also enables you to completely asses the problem so you can tell your Pro the necessary particulars once you speak to him.

Finally, staying calm allows you to speak to your Pro properly. Remember that the vast majority of home improvement professionals out there are just that – professionals. They want to help you, and will probably be upset and embarrassed that this occurred. However, if you yell, threaten, and harass them, you likely won’t be speeding up your service. In fact, you may be putting it off until later as your Pro likely won’t want to rearrange his schedule to help you.

It’s fine to mention the inconvenience. It’s fine to insist that he come out in a timely way – within a week unless it’s a serious emergency such as your heat not working in winter or no water at all in the house. It’s also fine to let the Pro know that you are upset, as long as you keep in mind that your Pro likely did not do this to you on purpose. This was likely an accident, a mistake, or something beyond his control, such as a manufacturer’s defect that he was unaware of. By allowing the Pro to fix the problem, you show him the respect that he deserves and ensures that he’ll be back again in the future should you need his services once more.

If Your Pro Can’t Help

Sometimes it happens that your Pro can’t help you. This could be for a few reasons. You may have had the bad luck of getting a disreputable Pro who has now left town. Perhaps the problem was indeed with a product and not his installation. Maybe it was an unrelated issue in the same area, such as a plumbing pipe bursting after you hired a handyman to put in a new sink.

In these cases, you may need to find someone new to fix the issue. Yes, this can be frustrating given how much you may have already paid. But that doesn’t mean you should take the first person who applies for the job, nor does it mean that you should follow their recommendations to the letter.

Unless this is a true emergency, take the time to interview a few new Pros and get their opinions. Use one who you trust, and who can guarantee the previous work for you, too, so you have someone to call should something else go wrong in the future.

Accept What Comes

While rare, it can happen sometimes that more work follows the completion of a project. Do your best to handle the situation with respect for yourself, your home, and your Pro to get the fastest results.

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