There seems to be an odd trend when it comes to determining who people hire to work on their homes. While in most other areas of their lives people stress things like quality and qualifications, in the home improvement industry people tend to focus on cost, often choosing the Pro who makes the lowest bid for the job. However, this isn’t always the best way to go about choosing someone to work on your home, and may even get you into problems down the road.

A Strange Situation

When you’re new in town and looking for a pediatrician for your kids, you probably ask for advice from friends and family. You want to find someone who is good with kids, board-certified, and takes the time to answer your questions when you have them. And while most people have insurance to cover the bulk of the costs, if your child needed surgery and there were out of pocket costs to consider, would you use the cheapest surgeon or the one who was most qualified for the job? Most people would pick the qualified surgeon and not someone who offers a lower rate.

So why are things different when it comes to the most important asset you own– your home? Shouldn't you want to trust the person working on your home as much as you trust your child’s doctor? Home improvements should increase the value of your home, last for years, and improve your quality of life there. Why would you trust these things to someone just because they charge less than anyone else? At the same time, have you stopped to consider that the person charging the least may be doing so because they have the least experience or because they have some other blemish on their background they’re hoping you ignore?

Be Wary of Outliers

One of the rules of thumb for hiring a Pro is to get at least three bids for the job. These bids should all come in fairly close to one another in terms of price; it’s a good thing when you find that all the Pros you interview will give you similar costs.

What you want to avoid are the outliers, the ones who come in much higher or much lower than the others. While some degree of cost fluctuation should be expected for experts in their fields, when you see someone coming in much higher, you may have someone trying to take you for a ride. And if you find someone coming in much lower, ask yourself why that is. Is it because this person wants to give you a bargain, or is it because they may not do the same quality job as the other people you interviewed whose costs were higher?

Always look for the Pro whose costs are somewhere in the middle, and who can back up his claims with qualifications and references that can show you what he’s truly worth. Avoid those who come in very low. The low cost you paid will often reflect in the quality of their work.

Make a Better Match

It’s time to start thinking of home improvements differently. Instead of focusing on cost, focus on the quality of the professional you are hiring for the job, and whether they are the right person for the project.

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