Many homeowners who are researching home improvements or home renovations for the first time often encounter terms such as ‘sustainable design’ during their hunt for information. A quick perusal of sustainable items, however, sometimes turns up products or materials that are a little more costly than the more standard alternative. Yet, homeowners are often encouraged to make the switch. So why should you do so if it’s going to cost you more on your remodel? Will the results be worth it? The answer is yes, but maybe not for the reason you were expecting.

Energy Savings

Did you know that having a poor air seal on your home can result in a 40% loss of the energy you use to heat and cool your home? What about the fact that a poorly fitted fireplace damper can result in a 20% loss of energy?  Or that leaky duct work can account for another 20% loss?

Most people aren’t aware of the kinds of energy they are paying for – and losing – each month. Part of creating a sustainable design within your home is dealing with these kinds of issues. This, in turn, translates into serious savings on your energy bill each month.

A study done by the State of Maryland found that for every dollar you spend on ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, you save $7 over the lifetime of the improvement. This means that the changes you pay for now will not only pay for themselves over the coming months, but they’ll go a long way toward paying for other improvements as well.

Energy Tax Credits and Rebates

Still not sure about spending the money on sustainable design? What if you were able to get back some of the money right away – not just over time in energy savings?

Many states – and sometimes the federal government – often have additional incentives for you to create a more environmentally sustainable design within your home. When you use less energy, you benefit not only your bottom line but state and federal resources as well. This makes it a big incentive for the government to want you to make the switch.

As long as you’re having a bathroom remodel done, look into water-saving appliances, and see if there are any rebates or credits available for the ones you choose. Getting a new HVAC system? Check and see if there are any models out there that can get you an instant rebate or some kind of tax credit to help offset the cost.

Better Resale Value

Remember that most of the improvements you make for your home will help to raise its value. Sustainable design choices often hold their value better than their standard counterparts, because many prospective home buyers want those energy savings for themselves as well. So you can not only save now and on your energy bills as the months go by, but you may also find that you get a better return on investment when the time comes to sell.

Create Some Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is not just another home trend that will fade away in a few years. This type of design is meant to make your home more comfortable to live in, not only now, but for years to come.

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